The Introduction

I Am Joseph Anthony Winters.

Creative Director. Team Leader. Goal Oriented.

My objective is simple and straight forward. When you wake up each and every day with the passion and desire to create something that has the potential to not only change the way society looks and interacts with an idea, but define it, is in some indescribable way a privilege that very few people can experience. From the smallest call to action, to a full-fledged marketing campaign – it takes a certain person from the beginning to pave the way for something monumental. I've had the opportunity in doing just that. And it's not even about being obsessive and critical of every job or task that comes across the desk. It reaches into the knowhow of not worrying if a task is too big or too small, but more so focusing on the ideals of championing a cause, and creating stunning work that is innovative, new, and industry firsts.


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